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Susanne and Brett Coulstock

Decades together:




“in the beginning, we had been so naive,” says Susanne Coulstock. “it absolutely was like, ‘We’re building a nest collectively.'”

Last year, she and spouse Brett attempt to develop a self-sufficient, off-grid, passive-solar straw bale eco-farmhouse on a tiny natural farm in Western Australia. “If you’ve watched big Designs, we had been generally like this. All starry-eyed in the beginning and then arrived the truth in the day-to-day work. Next emerged the ‘Oh my personal God. Precisely why performed we actually ever try this? What made all of us consider we could try this?'”

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Neither encountered the abilities or experience – they coached by themselves just how to do a lot of things – in addition they needed to learn how to perform their individual skills: “i shall study 3 times in so far as I need before we begin something and Brett merely would like to plunge in and work out mistakes,” claims Sue


“for jobs where we can easilyn’t interact because I wanted to organize and he failed to, we simply ended up splitting up jobs. So, as an example, used to do every one of the tiling, in which it is essential that you actually browse [up and] that you do not make mistakes.”

However, over five years as well as on a shoestring spending budget, they made it happen. Both are very pleased with their residence,
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: “when it is done, you can enjoy the radiance of obtaining accomplished it,” claims Brett. “But it’s like rock climbing. It’s a lengthy, difficult slog to the top, and you also take pleasure in the view through the very top. Oahu is the obtaining indeed there the tough part. [And] naturally, if you do anything frustrating with someone, usually that really does reinforce your own commitment.”

‘If you do anything challenging with someone else, generally that really does improve the commitment.’ Brett and Sue on christmas in Tasmania in 2007.

The happy couple are collectively for 13 decades and now have gone through a number of highs and lows, but I have remained strong. They met early in 2007 on an internet dating website. Interested in her profile, Brett pinged Sue. He did not expect you’ll hear right back from her because she’d stated that she was only enthusiastic about college graduates – and he had a diploma in multimedia. Sue rapidly jumps in: “It was fairly snobby to state ‘university educated’ but he is a lot more knowledgeable because the guy self-educates more than many college people that we actually spend some time with. Plus it ended up being simply because I absolutely wished to date a person who reads.” They laugh and he however teases their about this, but they carry out show a love of reading, character and technology.

Eventually they graduated from long e-mails to lengthy telephone calls. It absolutely was a gentle courtship – deliberately so for Sue, who would had a hard youth and intimate record. “[With] internet dating, you could potentially sift [through] several things which you possibly would not be able to sift out if you were falling for any wrong sort of person into the real world. So I ensured that I happened to be talking with a person that encountered the appropriate ethics and was not will be a repeat of my children habits that I experienced from childhood.”

During the time, he had been in Perth and she was in Albany so they had been 400km apart. Ultimately they consented to fulfill: “Sue welcomed myself down for a long weekend, plus it had been clear there clearly was a spare room – and a dog,” says Brett. The guy took a four-hour shuttle journey down to satisfy the girl in a cafe in Albany. Initially it was some peculiar, claims Sue. “you have this text entity which disembodied sound, and all of a sudden he is here. But that took about 50 % an hour receive through the weirdness of these right after which that has been okay, after we’d reconciled the disembodied voice came with a body.”

Their connection ended up being since powerful as it was indeed online. “It was very nice to dicuss to an individual who wasn’t driving his or her own barrow. He had been as into doing exercises exactly who I found myself while he was a student in advising me personally whom he had been,” she remembers. There was a spark between the two, although at first it had been a lot more of a “best-friend-I-hadn’t-met-yet spark”, says Sue. She ended up being guarded and Brett was very happy to believe that: “in the event that’s all it absolutely was probably going to be, that could’ve been fine because I like Sue, she actually is enjoyable to converse with, and she is good to have as a friend.”

Across then several months, they’d frequently invest weekends collectively, strolling and cycling. Steadily their particular dedication deepened. “we had been essentially spending a number of years in both’s organization, maybe not claiming a great deal – talking a large number, however stating alot. And, after a while, we said, ‘Sue, In my opinion I got emotions for you.'”

Brett and Sue Coulstock on the wedding in February 2008

In November 2007, after carrying out one of their particular favourite climbs up Mount Toolbrunup for the Stirling Ranges, Brett proposed. Sue was thrilled: “[I] floated completely back the mountain.” In February 2008, they’d a tiny wedding ceremony, followed closely by a low-key reception with friends. “we’d the best food because every person introduced really nice items that they’d homemade. And other people considered united states, “precisely why cannot weddings be more in this way?” claims Sue.

As delighted because they happened to be, there seemed to be a trace clinging over them. Sue had a really impaired childhood and a difficult connection together with her household. There’d already been tension with other family across the wedding, which triggered ongoing dispute between the couple.

They tried counselling with little achievements, so that it emerged right down to undertaking the tough work on their own. “It turned into a DIY thing,” says Sue. “I worked tirelessly on personal things, following I attempted making use of humour presenting some conditions to Brett – and humour constantly works.” Exactly what held the girl moving in a down economy ended up being recalling that the woman partner had her best interests in your mind. “for my situation, it absolutely was acquiring actually sad about what would be lost when we didn’t make the means through, and whatever you happened to be attending drop. This is my personal best friend and that I don’t need lose him.”

Brett agrees: “also at worst instances, we nonetheless see Sue as a wonderful person.” Their commitment has actually levels, he clarifies. “there clearly was this substrate that has been constantly decent. It absolutely was only there is complexity and frustrations and circumstances in addition to that, also it was actually dealing with that stuff that had been tough.”

A few years later on, Sue ended up being forced to manage the woman childhood upheaval and identified as having intricate PTSD. It got the woman 24 months to be effective through it, with Brett’s assistance. “[he had been] usually telling us to simply take my personal time, just take my personal space, it did not issue that there happened to be circumstances resting throughout the to-do number, they could wait, the most truly effective concern had been getting me through this. He had been here at the conclusion of each weekday, listening, soothing, motivating us to carry on treks with him, and not wavered within his service and kindness during that whole time.”

‘as soon as you look at the person without any rose-tinted glasses, and you can love all of them the maximum amount of and much more, you then realize you’re on to something’

Nowadays they both feel calmer, a lot more content and secure within their relationship. “we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I help Sue, Sue supports me. We’ll do things she doesn’t desire perform; she’ll do things I do not always carry out. And then we have extreme fun and escapades, which we always performed have,” claims Brett. “There’s always challenges and challenges in life but Really don’t think my personal connection with Sue is among all of them.

Sue agrees: “once you check out the individual without rose-tinted specs, and you may love them just as much and, then you certainly know that you’re on to some thing.”

Certainly one of their talents may be the means they dare one another, claims Brett. “I observe issues that I never will have observed. I listen to circumstances We never ever would have heard. I eliminated spots We never would have been.” It also helps to keep a playful mindset, such as having interior laughs. “basically got some moment people out of context, no person might have any concept that which we had been dealing with but that could capture the connection since it is playful, it really is knowing, and it’s built on years of depend on and shared encounters.”

Absolutely much to get gained from getting to know someone thus thoroughly over quite a long time, states Sue. “individuals chat as if monogamy so is this millstone, and yet it’s the the majority of liberating thing [because] you’re not constantly being required to watch out for your upcoming connection or one which really works. It’s a privilege to truly familiarize yourself with someone who you really like – in order to help that individual, getting sustained by see your face.” She adds: “it isn’t always an easy drive. You should not believe it must have to be, because items that can be worth it are worth getting the understanding, time and your effort into. And then he truly is actually.”